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Home Automation Products and Services Including Wireless Thermostats

The world is increasingly mobile, and people want to stay connected to the friends, family, and things they value the most. Homeowners look to maximize and control their comfort from essentially any location. Home automation systems provide an easy way to manage all your important household devices while saving time and money.

Empowering Your Home

Home automation networks allow homeowners to remotely control many essential systems, including locks, lights, security cameras, home theater components, irrigation timers and HVAC equipment. Northeast Florida Heating & Air sells, installs and services home automation products designed to simplify the process. People who are new to home automation often find that connecting their cooling and heating equipment through an HVAC network like the Trane Comfortlink system is an easy way to get started. After you’re comfortable with the technology, more compatible devices can be added to the network as your budget permits.


The most popular home automation systems provide many compelling features within a growing ecosystem:

  • Lights can be turned off when the lock code is engaged
  • 24/7 access to check on your home from virtually anywhere
  • Adjust the thermostat remotely from a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Schedule lights and locks together for added safety and security
  • You can add or delete user codes remotely
  • Add additional compatible products at any time
  • Door locks can be managed through the multiple lock manufacturers
  • Emails and texts are instantly generated when codes are used
  • No contract requirements or cancellation fees required

Smart Wireless Thermostats

carrier-Cor-Rest-Screen-ISOThe latest programmable thermostats are equipped with smart technology for the best comfort, efficiency, and ease of use. Smart thermostats can serve as the hub for home automation, or they can be integrated into an existing network. Manufacturers have different approaches, but all the current devices use remote sensors and adaptive intelligence to monitor the living habits of your family. The thermostat then creates custom programs to maximize comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats are WiFi compatible, so you can control the operation of your HVAC system and other devices from your smartphone.

Home Zoning

HVAC zoning incorporates a network of motorized dampers, relays and a zone controller to provide targeted heating and cooling in the areas where it’s needed. In most systems, a zone controlled module is hardwired to the dampers and the home automation hub. In a true zoning system, the thermostat calls for cooling or heating in a specific area. The dampers open for that room while others close in the zones that already have reached the desired temperature. Zoning systems can be integrated into a home automation system or controlled by smart thermostats.

Complete Home Automation Services

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What Our Customers Say

In May of 2009, my A/C needed to be changed. Northeast Florida changed my old worn-out unit to a new, energy efficient, unit. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of work and attention that was devoted to getting the new unit installed and working by the men assigned to this conversion. The project was done in a very professional manner and the job site was left clean. The old unit was removed and no rubbish or junk was left behind. My thanks go to the management and personnel, both in the field and office, for a job very well done.

Peter S.

Under the leadership of John Wade, Northeast Florida has maintained the HVAC units at the Haskell Building for more than a decade. They have more than adequately performed routine maintenance as well as emergency service promptly and efficiently. Our building is approximately 120,000 square feet, with more than 400 inhabitants. It is difficult to please everyone, but John’s group has done its best. As Building Manager, knowing he can be counted on when needed has made my job much easier.

Nancy W.

The Haskell Company

Northeast Florida Heating & Air has been doing work for me for over 12 years. In that period I have had nothing but compliments from my customers as well as architects and inspectors. All jobs have been done in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism. No matter how small or large the project, I can always count on John Wade and his employees to take care of their part. I highly recommend Northeast Florida Heating & Air to anyone who is looking for a quality HVAC contractor either as a subcontractor or service provider.

Keith R.

SJS Construction

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