Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement Services in Jacksonville FL

If your heat pump or air conditioner isn’t keeping your family comfortable anymore, you may want to start looking at purchasing a new system. For complete AC installation service, call the skilled professionals a Northeast Florida Heating & Air. Whether you need a replacement system or you’re building a new home, we have the skill and experience to ensure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

Maybe You Need a New Air Conditioner

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when you need a new AC or heat pump replacement, especially when your current unit is still running. If you have any of the following problems, call one of our comfort specialists to talk about your air conditioning equipment options.

  • Rising Utility Costs: Summer utility bills can change because of the weather, but if your electric bills keep going up every year, the efficiency of your air conditioner is probably declining. A new heat pump or air conditioning installation can help to lower your cooling costs significantly.
  • Poor Comfort: Your air conditioner’s number one job is to keep your family comfortable. If you have certain rooms that won’t cool down when it’s really hot outside, your AC unit may no longer have sufficient capacity to keep your whole house comfortable.
  • Outdated Equipment: Air conditioners and heat pumps typically last 10-15 years in our area. Today’s advanced AC equipment is so efficient, you may be able to pay for the unit with the savings you’ll enjoy over its lifetime.
  • Escalating Repair Costs: If you notice the AC repairman is coming to your house more often, your air conditioner probably needs to be replaced. A non-warranty compressor failure is a sure signal you need a new system.

What to Look for in a New AC System

Buying a new central air conditioner can be a bit confusing, especially if it’s a first time purchase. Fortunately, our friendly comfort specialists are there to help you understand the different features and benefits of competing products. If you’re shopping for a new AC system, here a few things to look for:

  • Complete System Design: Comfort and efficiency are directly related to proper system design. At Northeast Florida Heating & Air, we use advanced analytic methods to ensure your heat pump or air conditioner is matched precisely to your home’s distinctive cooling load requirements.
  • Air conditioner Options and Features: Modern heat pumps and air conditioners from Trane offer a variety of features and options. Ask us about variable-speed fans, smart thermostats and inverter compressor technology.
  • SEER Rating: A heat pump’s or air conditioner’s SEER rating measures overall efficiency, but in hot and humid climates like ours, it’s important to see the unit’s extended SEER ratings.

Comprehensive AC Installation Services

Call Northeast Florida Heating & Air today to learn more about the many benefits of installing a new air conditioner or heat pump. One of our comfort specialists can give you a free analysis of your current system and explain all of your equipment options.

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