Ductwork Services in Jacksonville FL from Cleaning to Installation

Modern heating and air conditioning systems are designed to provide outstanding performance through many years of reliable operation. Unit build quality is important, but many homeowners don’t recognize the significant impact their air distribution system has on comfort, efficiency, and air quality. In fact, substandard ducting can lower the effectiveness of your HVAC equipment by as much as 50 percent. A ductwork repair or replacement can restore lost performance, and it will usually cost much less than a new cooling and heating system.


Duct Installation Standards

Prior to the late 2000s, duct design and installation standards were nonspecific and informal. In many cases, the ductwork was not sized properly, and connections were rarely fastened and sealed. This resulted in a substantial loss of velocity and energy as the conditioned air escaped through breaches, gaps, and loose connections.

Leaky ducts often put the system under a significant negative pressure, which draws dust, dirt and other contaminants from the attic or crawl space directly into the living area. Those with respiratory conditions can suffer without ever fully understanding why.

At Northeast Florida Heating & Air, we don’t guess when comes to duct sizing. All of our fabricated duct products are designed around ACCA Manual D standards, and we fabricate and install our ductwork according to UL 181 and ASHRAE 90.1 standards. We can figure out exactly how much conditioned air you’re losing by running a blower door test on your home.

How We Repair or Replace Duct Systems

When it’s determined that a duct repair or replacement would be beneficial, we make sure your HVAC equipment will work in tandem with the duct system instead of compromising it. The duct can be constructed of sheet metal, duct board or flexible tubing, but the process is essentially the same. We make sure all the connections are strapped and sealed tightly, and the duct runs are straight and free of obstructions.

Why AC Duct Cleaning Matters

When your duct system is properly sized and installed, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in comfort and efficiency. Still, it’s important to keep the air distribution system clean by scheduling periodic duct cleaning. Our comfort advisors use a series of mechanical brushes, compressed air whips, and a commercial-grade vacuum to loosen caked on dirt and grime that settles in your ducting over time.

You’ll enjoy a variety of benefits when your duct network is clean and free of contaminants:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower HVAC utility costs
  • Reduced equipment repair costs

Comprehensive Duct Repair and Installation Services

If you’re experiencing comfort issues, outrageous utility bills, and substandard indoor air quality, you might have a ductwork problem. The professionals at Northeast Florida Heating & Air can performance-test your heating and cooling system to locate hidden issues and develop the best solutions.

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