Healthcare Filtration, Refrigeration, and Ventilation in Jacksonville FL and Surrounding Areas

The healthcare industry is extremely dependent on a reliable and high-functioning HVAC system due to the demand for tight temperature, humidity, ventilation and filtration parameters. In addition to properly heating and cooling the facility, the HVAC system must be able to remove airborne pollutants and infectious agents while creating an environment that conforms to nationally recognized surgical and operational standards. The professionals at Northeast Florida Heating & Air have over 30 years’ experience providing HVAC healthcare services to hospitals and healthcare facilities in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Healthcare Services

Controlling Hospital-Acquired Infection Risk

Hospital-acquired infections present a danger to recovering patients, and hospitals work tirelessly to suppress these risks. The use of specialized filtration appropriate for different areas of the facility can help reduce the level of contaminants in each unique environment. The body’s natural defenses are more vulnerable to particulate matter smaller than .5 microns. We can install a combination of HEPA filters, ionic filters, activated charcoal filters and UV lights to trap, contain and kill contaminants down to .01 microns. Every filter system installation is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we always stand behind our work.

Healthcare Refrigeration

Healthcare facilities need refrigerated equipment for maintaining specimens, temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, food and other perishable commodities. Downtime for walk-in coolers, display cases, air curtains, refrigerators and freezers in a healthcare environment is unacceptable, since patient care is at risk. At Northeast Florida Heating & Air, our skilled comfort advisors are equipped with leading-edge diagnostic equipment to quickly locate the source of the problem and make the appropriate repairs. Our technicians have a deep understanding of high-voltage networks and the commercial refrigeration cycle. We always follow through on our commitments, and we provide 24-hour emergency service for serious situations

Healthcare Ventilation

The link between surgical site infection and ambient air quality is well-established, so a properly maintained ventilation system is an important element in a comprehensive IAQ program. Our expertise in working on critical ventilation systems will help ensure that the air is exchanged properly, and the unit operates according to the appropriate guidelines and specifications. We provide a number of critical ventilation services:

  • Ventilation System Maintenance: Our comfort advisors check the internal components, including cooling coils, intake and discharge grilles, safety cabinets and air filters.
  • Fast Repairs: The most common problems we quickly repair include obstructed air filters and faulty electronics.
  • System Replacement: We can replace worn parts as well as upgrade the unit with replacement fans, speed controllers, airflow alarms and advanced monitoring systems.

Your HVAC Healthcare Facility Experts

We offer a variety of other services for the healthcare industry, including ice machine cleaning and sanitizing, water filtration and water softening, hot/cold serving wells and hotboxes. Northeast Florida Heating & Air can help optimize your HVAC system for better performance and energy savings. To arrange for a consultation, call one of our comfort consultants today.

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