Finding the right cooling solutions in Jacksonville, Florida, can be a real challenge for residents and business owners. Ductless systems can provide much-needed flexibility for heating and cooling your home and can ensure the most comfortable indoor temperatures in every room. The air conditioning experts at ENERGY STAR recommend these systems for living spaces without existing ducts and for creating comfort zones inside homes and businesses. Here are some of the most important benefits of ductless AC systems for your home or business premises.

Easy Installation

The installation process for ductless systems generally requires much less time and less disruption of your everyday activities. Rather than installing ducts throughout your home or office, installation technicians drill a few small holes and place the air handling unit or units anywhere that added heating or cooling is desired. Since multiple indoor units can be connected to one outside condenser and compressor, ductless systems offer streamlined installation and maintenance.

Comfort Zones

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends ductless mini-split heat pumps as a solid way to save energy and reduce utility bills, especially in warm-weather climates. These ductless systems can be used to create customized zones with individual thermostats and controls to ensure optimal comfort for every member of your family and every area of your business.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ductless AC systems can also eliminate dust and particulate matter to improve indoor air quality and ensure the safest and healthiest environment inside your Jacksonville home. By installing these advanced heating and cooling systems, you can prevent the buildup of pollutants inside living and working spaces in your home or corporate properties.

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